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Hello Everyone, my name is Danny, I am Katelyn’s boyfriend. Late last night Katelyn was taken back into hospital from an overdose she had taken last week, her organs were shutting down slowly, yesterday, the hospital let her out, thinking everything was okay, but didn’t know she was in severe pain, Katelyn didn’t say anything, it was her ‘back-up plan’ to suicide. So shes drifting slowly, and the doctors said she will not make it. She will be missed, and I can’t cope without her here. I miss her so much already, and love her with every little bit of my heart. When she goes I don’t know what I will do, she is my perfect, sweet, loving girlfriend.

This photo was taken the day she came out of hospital. 

I don’t care what fucking blog you have, you have to reblog this right now. 


Please reblog this guy really needs everyone’s love and support

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    Do You Wanna Get A Zero

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do you wanna get a zero 

or fail a test and flunk it all

i’ll never get a 4.0 

come on lets go

it’s like you wanna fail

you need to get to college

but now you’re not

why don’t you study

do you wanna get a zero

it doesn’t have to be a zero

okay fail

- courtesy of my not studying

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